Reference Adina Caldararu

Business development manager at Philips

Reason for Dutch course

‘I want to keep my Dutch up to par. I only speak English at work and don’t use Dutch much in my social life. I’ve noticed that my knowledge starts slipping when I don’t use it regularly.’


‘Because I’ve already followed an intensive individual course at Regina Coeli twice, I’ve come back for a follow-up day. The programme is a blend of private lessons and exercises that have been specially selected for me. The follow-up day is really great. The trainers know me and know what I still need to work on.’


‘In the first training week, I followed the beginners’ course. That’s a fairly streamlined routine of private lessons, a group lesson, multimedia training and other exercises. My programme was a bit looser and there was more grammar, reading and writing in the second week. That was definitely a more challenging week because I could process everything much faster. The follow-up day is even more tailor-made. The better they get to know me, the more the trainers fine-tune the programme to my needs.’

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