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door Regina Coeli

Do you like reading good books and does this seem like a great way to improve your Dutch? It could be that you find many Dutch books just a bit too difficult to follow properly. You could read with a dictionary in hand, but that may not exactly be relaxing. So, what can you do?

1.    Read children's books

Iranian refugee Kader Abdolah learned Dutch by reading books written by Annie M.G. Schmidt. He has since become a celebrated Dutch writer, who writes his books in Dutch rather than in his native language.

2.    Read adult literature in simplified form

Publishing company Eenvoudig Communiceren (‘Simple Communication’) has launched the Leeslicht (Reading Light) book series. In these books, famous novels are retold in simpler language. A couple of examples include The Girl on the Train (Het meisje in de trein) by Paula Hawkins, and In Broad Daylight (Op klaarlichte dag), originally written in Dutch by Simone van der Vlugt.

3.    First read the book in your native language

Make sure you know the story before reading a book in Dutch. First read the book in your mother tongue, and then in Dutch. If you really want to do it right, listen to the audiobook.

Of course, you can pick up books in bookstores or order them online, but check out your local library, too. You'll not only find a wide variety of books there, but it's also an inexpensive way to read a lot of them.

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