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Does your company have more and more international customers or do you work with colleagues from abroad? Then there’s a good chance that your language skills will be called upon along with those of your colleagues! And that’s actually fairly handy, because you can work on your language skills together!

There are a number of things you can do on the job to get better in a language:

  • Listen to colleagues when they’re speaking another language and copy what sounds good to you. That’ll help you learn new words and phrases. Obviously, native speakers are your best bet as helpful and reliable resources.
  • Have informal chats with people in the language you want to improve in.
  • If you read professional literature, etc. in your target language, memorise or write down any words or phrases you can use yourself.
  • If you have colleagues who’d also like to improve in, say, English, German or French, you can also consider taking a course together. You can have a programme tailor-made for two, three or more people in which you’ll learn exactly what you need. It’s handy if your skills are similar, but it’s not a prerequisite.

Language training with your team

At Regina Coeli, we provide team training starting at two people. You come to our institute in Vught with a group of colleagues and follow a programme specially designed for you. Together you have lessons built around themes for which group interaction makes good sense—such as meetings or talking on the phone—or around other topics you all need to work on.

You can give the team lessons a boost by adding individual lessons for the skills you personally find difficult. Do you yourself always struggle with pronunciation while your colleague finds something about grammar tricky? One-to-one lessons with a language trainer are perfect for working on those issues.

Unique experience

Experience has taught us that colleagues learn a lot from and about each other during and outside the lessons in the team training we provide. You keep learning the language during lunch and dinner, when taking a walk in the green surroundings of the institute, or in the evening at the bar. Moreover, you share a unique experience that’s not only directly related to work. That makes language training great for building even stronger bonds within a team.

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