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If you are planning to do business in China or Taiwan, learning to speak fluent Mandarin might not be your first priority. Sometimes it can be better to first see whether you can get your foot in the door before investing in learning the language. For this reason, Regina Coeli is now offering a short Chinese culture and language course—one which will give you a good understanding of the culture and a bit of language to break the ice.

Culture and language training themes

The culture and language training programme is tailor-made for you or your organisation. Any number of themes can be addressed, including the following:

  • The Chinese culture (history, religion, values)
  • Awareness of your own cultural background and potential personal pitfalls when dealing with the Chinese
  • Business etiquette and protocol in China
  • The role of guanxi
  • Some basics in Chinese (greeting, thanking, replying)

You will practice using examples and case studies tailored to your specific situation during the training.

You can do the training either individually or as a team. Together, we decide on the location and duration of the training. It is even possible to plan the training for one of the weekends we are open.

Learn Mandarin based on the method specially developed by the Nuns

Language Institute Regina Coeli has been providing intensive Chinese language courses for both beginners and advanced students since December 2014. The lessons are given by language trainers from China and Taiwan and are based on Regina Coeli’s unique method. According to our students, the programme’s strengths include the professionalism of the teachers, the flexibility it offers and the personal attention they receive.

Deepening relationships in China and Taiwan

Over the years, Regina Coeli has had a considerable number of students who do business in China or Taiwan and want to deepen their relationships with their business partners. After all, speaking Mandarin gives you a distinct advantage when it comes to forming and building relationships. In just a five-day training course, you build a solid foundation in Mandarin to help you get by in China and Taiwan, and you get a healthy dose of culture to boot.

More information

Are you interested in Chinese culture and language training or would you like to quickly learn to speak Mandarin well? Then simply contact us to arrange a personal meeting with one of Regina Coeli’s Chinese language trainers.


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