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In the original Thanksgiving meal in 1621, turkey wasn’t served, but other fowl such as duck, swan and goose. The latter is also the traditional meal served in the UK during Christmas. Goose is often used in idioms or expressions. See how many of the following Goose Idioms you know by matching column A with column B.

1. I’ve wasted all afternoon on a wild-goose hunt, trying to find out who made the mistake with the invoices.   a. To be very foolish.
 2. That was such a beautiful song: I got goose bumps listening to it.   b. Something that you say to suggest that if a particular type of behaviour is acceptable for one person, it should also be acceptable for another person.
 3. Mary is as silly as a goose; she believes anything anybody tells her.   c. A worthless hunt or chase; a futile pursuit.
 4. The company cooked their own goose by selling off their most successful business unit.   d. To destroy something that is profitable to you.
 5. Surely, if your boss can leave early on Friday, then you can. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.   e. A prickly feeling related to having bumps on one's skin due to fear, excitement, or cold.
 6. By selling their best football player to repay their debts, the football club killed the goose that laid the golden eggs.   f. To hardly talk and to be very shy.
 7. Peter is so shy, he wouldn’t say boo to a goose.   g. To damage or ruin someone.
 8. If my boss finds out about this, my goose will be cooked.   h. One is finished; one has been found out and is in trouble.


Answers: 1.c, 2.e, 3.a, 4.g, 5.b, 6.d, 7.f, 8.h

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