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The ways of doing business in Spanish speaking countries differ from those of other cultures. What are key factors when doing business with people from Spain or Latin-America?

Spanish speakers are very expressive, they speak in a loud voice and use a lot of body language, more so than in other cultures. It is important not to misinterpret their mannerism – this is just the way they are. They will also maintain eye contact with their guests, which is significant in deciding whether to do business with that person or not. Respect and a ‘good feeling’ are important. At first it may seem that people from the Spanish speaking countries leave everything to ‘tomorrow’, but in reality this is not the case. The way of doing business has changed over the years in both Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. Flexibility is seen as a very important component of doing business.

Social conversation is fundamental in the Spanish culture. That’s why Regina Coeli spends an extensive part of the intensive language training on this subject. In the Spanish speaking countries it is customary for people to get to know one another before starting business. The best way to make that happen is to share a meal together.

Tips for a business lunch or dinner

  • During the meal the Spanish speakers do not discuss business, dining must be enjoyed.
  • Wait until coffee to start the business discussions. Religion, politics and personal issues are never discussed.
  • If documents need to be signed, one has to wait until all plates are cleared from the table. However, coffee and after dinner drinks may be left.

Are you interested in learning the Spanish language in a business context? The language trainers of Regina Coeli have developed a programme for Business Spanish. Course members with an CEF level onwards are able to follow this programme. For more information please contact us.

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