This is the best vacation I have ever had!

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Language Institute Regina Coeli is undoubtedly one of the most international places in the Netherlands. Not only do people from 20 countries work here, but the students who take our language courses also come from every corner of the world. One of those is Cat Dawson, a bubbly American go-getter who is currently studying in Spain and came to learn German in the Netherlands. 

‘What you do here doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. Regina Coeli is truly unique,’ Cat tells us when we ask her why she came to the Netherlands to learn German. ‘My ambition is to be able to speak German as fluently as possible. I’d heard about this institute from an acquaintance of mine and then looked into it. For me, there was no other option than to go to Regina Coeli.’

Cat has really had the ambition to learn German since her two years living in Berlin. ‘When I did my PhD in Berlin, I only spoke English. After my return to the United States, I missed Berlin so much! Not just the city, but also having the language all around me. Since then, I’ve tried to speak German as much as possible and once a year, I take a trip to a country where German is spoken.’

Cat learned to speak German entirely on her own. Unfortunately, she’s not exactly living in the right place to get enough practice using the language. She is studying at a business school in Madrid, where, of course, more Spanish is spoken than German.

Cat clearly enjoyed herself while taking her course at Regina Coeli. ‘This is the best vacation I have ever had. I can work on my dream here. Both the teachers and the location are great. To give just one example, my mentor always clearly explains where a particular word or grammatical rule comes from. That’s why I can remember everything. I experience the training as an ‘immersion’ and notice that I’m learning a lot.

I try to talk as much German as possible with the other German students. There are a number of nice places to study in the building. Yesterday I took a yoga class and that was really good. Everything is perfect here, right down to the tiniest detail.’

Cat has enjoyed the training so much that she came back in December to perfect her German even more. ‘I know a lot of Americans who pay thousands of dollars for language lessons and still don’t end up speaking the language. For all that you offer, the price is fantastic! Coming here makes you want to spend more time here.’

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