A solid foundation in the Russian language

door Regina Coeli

That Russian is not a language you simply learn overnight can be confirmed by Veronique Jourdain. Russia and its language are part of this French artist manager's life. And yet she started learning Russian at Regina Coeli as a beginner.

“I was married to a Russian man and have been supporting Russian musicians for years. First, for a British company in London, and now I have my own agency in Paris. In that way, I did manage to pick up a bit of Russian here and there. I even took Russian lessons from a private teacher in London.

Now I wanted to finally build a solid foundation in the Russian language so I can speak Russian with the musicians I support. Regina Coeli came highly recommended by the director of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of the Netherlands. And for that tip, I thanked him wholeheartedly after the training.”

Musicality and sharp memory

Veronique learned Russian for seven consecutive days in Vught. “She was enormously driven and enthusiastic,” says Natasja Beliaeva, one of her language trainers. “Because of her musicality and sharp memory, she picked up the sounds and grammatical rules quickly. It was also an advantage that she already knew the Russian alphabet. And how wonderful it was to speak with her about classical music! I myself attended many concerts in St Petersburg and still very much enjoy classical music.”

Her trainers watched Veronique’s progress in Russian with great admiration. For her, it felt different. “The first day raced by. On day three, I thought my brain was going to explode. So much information was coming at me. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only student who felt that way.”

Don’t hold back, just do it

“What was very good about Veronique was that she spoke to other course participants,” explains trainer Natasja. “Of course, in French, her mother tongue, and in English. But there was also another Russian student with us that week who was studying Dutch, and she spoke Russian with them. She didn’t hold back, she just did it. That’s a great attitude when learning a language.”

Veronique returned to Paris after her seven days at the language institute in Vught. “I’m very pleased with the results. The trainers motivated me in exactly the right way. They started the engine and gave me the tools to continue learning the language on my own. In spite of my demanding work, I am trying to find time every day in order to make continuous progress and return to Regina Coeli in 2023 when I feel that I can try and get a level upwards!”

Russian language training at Regina Coeli

If you work with Russian business partners or contacts, learning Russian is a wise investment. Perhaps you need a simple foundation in Russian to be able to speak some Russian words in informal moments. Yet, learning to speak Russian well is also entirely feasible.

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Russian language training at Regina Coeli
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