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26 September 2013

If you want to do business or invest money in a foreign country, you have to speak the language

European Commissioner, Frans Timmermans, speaks a number of languages and this has been a great advantage to him throughout his career. He encourages businesses to invest in learning languages because it has a beneficial effect on Dutch exports. We spoke to him about his own experiences and about his interpretation of how languages play a role in doing business internationally.

18 July 2013

German language training, armed with business objectives

In order to get off to a flying start in his new function as Managing Director of Aon Affinity and Member of the Aon Risk Services Management team in Germany, Mr Goudswaard decided that his German needed bringing up to scratch. He arrived at Regina Coeli, armed with his business objectives and agenda.

18 July 2013

Those wretched little dots!

It’s amazing how two innocent little dots can affect a language! The umlaut (¨) which appears above certain vowels in German words not only changes the pronunciation of the word but can also drastically change the meaning of the word.

7 March 2013

Is using academic titles showing off unnecessarily?

In Germany, more importance is attached to titles than in the Netherlands. The Dutch sometimes joke about the Germans and their titles but in fact, when it comes to doing business with the Germans, they would do better to show more respect.

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