Ludin Enamorado

Spanish language trainer

Ludin comes from Santa Rosa de Copán in Honduras. She studied to be a primary school teacher in Honduras and taught children there for a number of years. Later studied to become a Spanish teacher in Honduras and completed her degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht while teaching at Regina Coeli.

‘When we want to build a good relationship in Latin American cultures, we pay close attention to how we communicate. The way you say something says everything about you and your intentions. We aren’t very direct and we are careful about choosing the right words for the right moment. Essentially, being friendly and polite is very important.

The Latin American culture is very group-focused. To do business, you have to form a connection with someone. You do this by showing interest in each other and each other’s families. From a very young age, we learn to be sincerely interested in others and our students notice that when they have Spanish lessons here.’


Spanish, Dutch

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