Liz Jordans

English language trainer

Liz comes from the United States, raised in various parts of the country. She lived in Argentina for a year and in Spain for five years. Liz studied international business at the University of Georgia and spent a year at Nijenrode Business University in the Netherlands. Has a Bachelor of Marketing degree. She was the first American trainer at Regina Coeli.

‘I want learning English to be meaningful for students. It’s not about learning to speak perfectly, but being able to communicate effectively in English. I often teach grammar and every week, students tell me how much they enjoy the lessons. I sometimes set them up to make mistakes. It’s not only good for a laugh, but they can also really learn from them.

I really get a kick when I see that someone understands the theory. In education, exceptions to grammar rules are often taught and focused on. Those aren’t actually very important. First, just learn to apply the general rules well!’


English, Spanish, Dutch

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