Jule Veldt

Language trainer German

Language Institute Regina Coeli has a team of language trainers German. One of them is Jule Veldt. She introduces herself.

Her work as a language trainer at Regina Coeli fits Jule Veldt like a glove. After studying to be a political science, religion and German teacher, she worked at a secondary school in Germany for ten years. She then moved over to Peek & Cloppenburg, where she worked as a department manager in the Düsseldorf store, running a department with 25 employees. Her work as a trainer in the predominantly business context of Regina Coeli bridges these two worlds well.

‘Most of the students who learn German at our institute already have experience in the language. I find it a challenge to ensure that every student goes home with a positive feeling. And they do! I often hear: ‘Now I understand! Why did I always find this so difficult?

At Regina Coeli, we don’t make you memorise lists. We let you apply everything immediately in conversations; you learn German mainly by doing. My tip to all my students is therefore never to stop. Even after the training, keep the language around in your life. Do what you find interesting, as long as it’s in German.’

Jule herself had a very positive experience with a Regina Coeli Dutch language course.

‘I already spoke a little Dutch because my husband’s Dutch. But the training at Regina Coeli was a tremendously valuable experience. The trainers gave me loads of professional attention. Here, you have the space and time to reflect and learn a language. I recommend it to everyone.’

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