Giuseppe Cocomazzi

Language trainer Italian

Language Institute Regina Coeli has a team of language trainers Italian. One of them is Giuseppe Cocomazzi. He introduces himself.

You could call Giuseppe a true connoisseur and lover of the Italian language. He studied Italian language & culture at the universities of Foggia and Bologna. From that northern Italian city, he continued his journey northwards and settled in the Netherlands. Here, he learned the language by, among other things, translating poems about the Dutch landscape into Italian.

Giuseppe teaches students the Italian language step by step at Regina Coeli.

‘Learning Italian isn’t a race. At Regina Coeli, you can make mistakes and experiment without worrying. If you’ve never learned another Romance language before, it can be tough learning the grammar and how to conjugate verbs, for example.

You should see a training course as a good warm-up for everything you’re planning to do in Italian. We give you a boost in the language. After that, it’s wise to keep using the language every day.’

Although Giuseppe himself greatly appreciates literature as a way to better understand a given culture, he usually advises students not to read Italian books.

‘It’s best to read brief articles or watch short videos on a clear topic. Italian books are usually quite abstract. I wouldn’t recommend watching a whole film either. Even I think Italians speak too quickly in films!’

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