Reference Léon Rijnbeek


Reason for learning Chinese

‘I travel to China five times a year. When I’m there, I want to be able to speak a bit of Chinese. Besides that, my family-in-law live in China and I want to be able to communicate with them, too.’


‘I’ve had two weeks of Chinese lessons at Regina Coeli. The first week was already great, but this second one has been even better. I get private lessons and we also make use of all sorts of apps and programmes for learning Chinese. I can keep using them all after the course, which is a big advantage.’


‘It’s actually very relaxing to work so intensively on just one thing. Regina Coeli pampers you in every way. I’ve noticed my speaking is getting faster and faster. The listening comprehension is still tricky, but we’ll keep working on it!’


What about you?

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