Reference Freek van Bedaf

CEO of Pontes Group

Reason for learning English

‘I want to speak English like I did before, when I travelled a lot. Now that I coach more and more people in English, I’ve noticed that my knowledge has ebbed away. I want to be able to have coaching sessions in English that are as good as the ones I have in Dutch.’


‘I have a programme of two consecutive days twice. That’s the ideal duration for me because after two days of lessons, my head is just full of information. A number of things are being addressed in the course. I have a presentations lesson every day; in it, I’m working on rounding out my story and learning phrases that I can easily incorporate into all my presentations. I’m focusing on writing with another trainer. At the moment, I have a lot of my materials translated, but I’d like to be able to write them in English myself. And, of course, I can’t escape grammar lessons—I make the same mistakes most Dutch people do, but now I’m aware of them and I know what’s correct. Now it’s just a matter of putting it into practice!’


‘I felt at home straight away at Regina Coeli and that was quite special. It’s because of the trainers and all the other employees, and also the other students. I’m here for myself and have individual lessons, yet it feels like I’m here learning with others.’


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