Summer School

Learn to speak Dutch, German, English or French fluently

Would you like to go back to school after the summer holidays with not just a healthy tan and amazing holiday stories, but also speaking Dutch, German, English or French much better? You can—by going to Regina Coeli’s summer school, where you’ll work flat out on the language for a number of days so you can make serious progress!

Regina Coeli’s summer school in a nutshell

  • An intensive, five-day language course. You can choose between Dutch, German, English and French.
  • Our summer school takes place from 15 to 19 August.
  • Beforehand, you have an in-depth intake to decide what you need to work on and what your wishes are.
  • You follow a personalised training programme that includes four private lessons a day.
  • For young people aged 15 and over.
  • Optional: stay overnight in Regina Coeli’s guest accommodation.

Date and languages

15 until 19 August 2022

Dutch, English, French and German

Work on what you need to work on

A big part of our summer school is made up of private lessons with a language trainer. You decide together with a trainer during your intake what you want and need to work on in those lessons. You won’t be sitting in a class or following a teaching method from a book, and that allows us to zoom in on the things that matter to you and offer lessons that build on your level.

With us, you learn to speak with more confidence. Whether you’re preparing for further studies in the Dutch language, want to learn Dutch to chat with friends or want to work on your German for school, our summer school is the perfect boost for your language skills!

Native-speaker trainers

You’ll be taught by our regular trainers, who also help people from the business world, for example, learn to communicate convincingly. Our trainers all studied and then worked as professionals before coming to live in the Netherlands, so we have a wealth of knowledge about different professional fields and cultures.


Our catering staff serve healthy breakfasts, substantial lunches and delicious dinners, plus snacks of all sorts. And if you have any special dietary needs, we will be happy to take them into account.

The best place to learn a language

Regina Coeli is the best-known language institute in the Netherlands. That’s because athletes, celebrities and politicians regularly come to us to learn a foreign language and gladly tell other people about it. In general, though, we give language training to adults who need to improve their foreign language skills for their work.

We’re often called ‘the Nuns of Vught’ because the language institute was founded by a religious order. The nuns no longer give lessons here, though, and our building is completely modern. By the way, it’s normally a very quiet place because everyone is focused on learning, so it still reminds many students of a monastery.

Fees Summer School

Regina Coeli lesson week

  • Full-time learning from Monday til Friday
  • Four private lessons per day
  • All-inclusive stay at Regina Coeli

Private bookings: € 5,015.90
including 9% VAT for catering (the training is exempt from VAT)

Including overnight stay

  • Full-time learning from Monday til Friday
  • Four private lessons per day
  • All-inclusive stay at Regina Coeli
  • 5 Nights in guestwing Eikenheuvel

Private bookings: € 5,762.55
including 9% VAT for catering and lodging (the training is exempt from VAT)

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