Online language training

A good follow-up for every type of training

Every language course at Regina Coeli can be complemented with online language training. You will work on your language skills in a task-based manner, following online lessons, doing exercises in the e-learning system, completing assignments and receiving personal support from your trainer. This form of blended learning reinforces all you have learnt at Regina Coeli.

Advantages of online language training at Regina Coeli

  1. You continue to work on your language goals set for your course at Regina Coeli.
  2. You determine when and where you follow the lessons.
  3. You maintain your knowledge and skills in the language.
  4. You receive professional and personal support from a language trainer.
  5. You prevent first language-influenced errors creeping back in by getting regular feedback on your language use.

Online language training programme

The programme consists of:

  • A number of private online lessons with a Regina Coeli language trainer.
  • The use of Regina Coeli’s e-learning system. Your language trainer selects suitable exercises which you can then do at your own pace, at a time which best fits your schedule. 
  • Other assignments planned with your trainer during the lessons. - If required, you can contact your language trainer between lessons.

Extra free online lessons

If you book an intensive individual language course in combination with online lessons then we offer you:

  • Book 4 lessons and get an extra one free
  • Book 8 lessons and get 2 extra lessons free
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