Language coaching

High level language training

Do you already speak a foreign language and occasionally need concrete feedback on the effectiveness of your language use or professional support in preparing, for example, an important presentation? If so, language coaching may be just the thing for you.

With language coaching, a language trainer supports you in putting your knowledge and skills into practice. We do this both off the job and on the job. It goes without saying that you must already have a fairly good command of the foreign language in which you want to be coached.

Off-the-job language coaching

Some examples of the types of things we would be happy to help you prepare (for) at our language institute:

  • A presentation
  • An interview
  • A trade fair abroad
  • An important negotiation or meeting

You work on your story with a language trainer, and you might even use virtual reality to simulate the situation.

On-the-job language coaching

A Regina Coeli language trainer will come observe you at work and give you tips on how to improve your effectiveness. Think, for example, of getting feedback on how you give or participate in:

  • A guided tour
  • A presentation
  • A meeting


If you are interested in language coaching, please contact us. Someone from Client Services will answer all your questions and schedule a short telephone intake with a language trainer. During the intake, you address your expectations and talk about the results you are looking to achieve.

Are you interested in language and career?

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