Language coaching

High level language training

If you have a desire or need to improve in a specific area of a foreign language, Language Institute Regina Coeli is the right place to come.  We can support you in preparing a presentation, teach you the finer points of negotiating in another language or help you prepare for an important international meeting. Of course, in order to make use of this type of language training, you will already need to have a solid foundation in the language. 

The advantages of language coaching

  1. You quickly apply the language being learnt to concrete situations.
  2. The language coach supports you in quickly building confidence in using the language.
  3. Your programme can take almost any form you desire: the form of the lessons, the location, the frequency and intensity, the amount of support, etc.

A language coaching programme based on your goals and wishes

With language coaching, one or more language trainers will support you in private lessons in order to assist you in improving your language skills. The form your programme takes is largely based on your goals and preferences. Perhaps you will come to our institute in Vught for a few days, or it could be more efficient for your language trainer to attend a few meetings in your organisation to observe you and give you pointers. The intake interview is therefore essential in determining your programme.

Is language coaching something for you?

Language coaching could be an effective option for you if:

1. you are delivering a presentation in another language in the near future.
Naturally you want to convey your expertise when delivering a presentation in another language, as well as answer questions accurately and fluently. A language trainer can assist you in composing an appropriate and persuasive presentation and will practise it with you, preparing you for getting your message across with conviction and confidence on the big day.

2. you would like feedback on your use of the language when conducting your day-to-day business dealings. 
You can express yourself well in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese, but you still find it challenging to do so truly effectively. Why not have a language trainer accompany you throughout your day? He or she will observe your interactions with others in the language, and will give you concrete, expert advice on how to improve your communication skills. 

3. you are not able to, or would prefer not to come to our institute for training.
If you are not able to come to our institute in Vught due to scheduling demands or perhaps even for privacy reasons, but would like to make use of our expert language trainers, we can come to you. Just contact us to discuss the possibilities.  

4. you would like to learn to write more effectively.
Do you write texts in a foreign language quite frequently and would you like to receive constructive feedback on these? A language trainer can assist you in targeting what needs improvement and offer clear feedback on how to improve your writing skills. You will learn to produce emails, reports and/or articles with greater accuracy, improved style and added confidence.

5. you are going to participate in a trade fair and would like to be well-prepared.
If you participate in a trade show, you want to come across well. How do you present your organisation and its products and services in another language? What is the business culture of that country? Prepare for your upcoming trade fair with the experts at Regina Coeli. 

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