Regina Coeli Protocol

Regina Coeli strives to ensure that language training courses held at the institute proceed as safely and pleasantly as possible for all concerned, especially now that we have to deal with the restrictions imposed as a result of the coronavirus. Of equal importance to good health is our wish to provide an environment that is conducive to learning, in which our course members feel happy and at home.

Valid COVID certificate

We will ask you to show a valid COVID certificate when you arrive. We do this to ensure that all students and staff feel safe and can move freely during the training.

You can show your COVID certificate using the Dutch government’s CoronaCheck app on your phone or print it out using One of our staff will scan the COVID certificate’s QR code and check whether the details correspond to your identity document. We do not record any data.

Other measures for a safe stay

We observe the basic rules. We do this through the following measures:

  • The building is properly ventilated.
  • Each classroom is equipped with a screen between the student’s workplace and that of the language trainer.
  • We ensure a good distribution of students and staff during the breaks by providing extra coffee corners in the building.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are located in various places throughout the building.
  • Disinfection products (hand sanitiser, alcohol spray, microfibre cloths and tissues) are available in every classroom. Students and trainers can use them to clean their own workplaces.
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