The initial phase is worth its weight in gold

If you register for a language course at Regina Coeli, you will have to take a few steps. We prepare a language learning programme to fit each course member like a glove. To learn a language well in a short amount of time, a tailor-made approach is essential. That requires thorough planning before you begin a learning programme, because a having a solid, effective plan beforehand plays a major role in the outcome.

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Registering for an individual course or language coaching

Before beginning your language course, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Complete the registration form and fill in your contact details in My Regina Coeli. This information is important in preparing for the intake interview.
  2. A Regina Coeli employee will contact you by telephone to arrange an appointment for an intake interview with an experienced language trainer. (S)he can also answer any initial questions you may have.
  3. You will have an intake interview with a language trainer to discuss your learning goals, wishes, level and abilities.
  4. You will receive a proposal for your language training within a few of days of your intake interview. Only when you have agreed to this proposal, will you have officially booked your language training.

Registering for online training

Are you interested in online language training? Please complete the request form or contact the Client Services Department on: +31(0), or at: They will plan a technical intake in which you will become familiar with all the technical aspects of the training. Moreover, they will plan your lessons with your language trainer.

Registering for in-company or group training

If you wish to arrange in-company or group training for your organisation, please complete a request form. A colleague from the Client Relations Department will contact you to discuss your wishes in detail and create a training programme with you. If you prefer, please feel free to telephone us on: +31(0)

Every participant will have an individual intake interview with a language trainer. In this way, we can create as much of a tailor-made programme as possible. These intake interviews can also take place on location at your organisation if you prefer.

Registering for a language course for families

If you are interested in a language course for your family, please complete our proposal request form. One of our colleagues from the Client Relations Department will discuss your wishes and the possibilities with you.

Each adult has an intake interview with a language trainer prior to starting their individual learning programme. We also like to have a chat with the children to learn more about their interests and how they feel about going to live in another country. We do this so we are able to better prepare a fun and educational learning programme for them, so they can learn to communicate in their new language with confidence. 


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