Training programme

As a student at Regina Coeli, you receive a personalised training programme. An essential aspect of this tailor-made programme is your carefully chosen team of trainers. During your private lessons, they support, coach and guide you in reaching your goals.

Personal programme

At the start of your training you will receive your own personal lesson programme.

The first lesson starts at 8.20 a.m. and takes place in the classroom that has been assigned to you for the whole week. The room number is on your timetable. Here, you will have your lessons with your trainers and do your multimedia assignments. The room is yours for the whole day so that you can study there, too. Each lesson is 55 minutes long. 

Multimedia and self study

If your timetable begins with a study hour, you can start with a multimedia assignment in your classroom, following the instructions given. A member of staff from the multimedia laboratory will be at hand on both floors to give further instructions, if necessary.

Make sure you have your login code for My Regina Coeli at hand, so that you can get off to a quick start.

Group lesson and language table

In addition to your individual lessons, you will follow a group lesson and two language tables. These are lunchtime or dinnertime sessions during which a language trainer is present at the table and te conversation is in the language you are learning. You will receive an invitation from your language trainer.

Stay informed

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