Spanish Language Course

Would you like to follow a Spanish language course which allows you to learn Spanish both quickly and effectively? Then Language Institute Regina Coeli (the Nuns of Vught) is a logical choice. Our Spanish section is made up of trainers who were born and raised in Spanish-speaking countries and truly enjoy sharing their knowledge of the language and their cultures.

We offer both Spanish courses for beginners’ and the more experienced—all tailor-made, of course.

A Spanish language trainer will take you on a tour of Regina Coeli.

Designing a Spanish course programme

Before you start to learn Spanish, you co-create your training programme with a trainer during your personal intake appointment. That way the Spanish language course connects as seamlessly as possible with your situation, wishes and abilities.

Individual Spanish language course

During your Spanish course, you receive lessons from four different trainers who guide you from your starting level to the level you actually need. This process takes place through role plays and conversations with the trainers. You also improve your knowledge and skills by practising in our multimedia room for a few hours each day.

Business Spanish training

If you are planning on doing business in a Spanish-speaking country, Language Institute Regina Coeli’s trainers can help you prepare. Regina Coeli’s business Spanish course programme can be followed if you already have some knowledge of and experience in the language. If you are a beginner, we first teach you the basics of the language, and then continue to work towards your goals by practising business language skills.

Doing business in Spanish-speaking countries

During the Spanish course, the trainers also pay attention to the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. Doing business in Latin America and Spain is different than doing business in Northern Europe and Anglo-Saxon countries, for example. This naturally has an impact on how you best achieve the desired results in those countries.

Advantages of a Spanish language course at Regina Coeli

  1. You can learn Spanish quickly and effectively because we design a fully tailor-made programme especially for you.
  2. You choose the training form and intensity which fit you best.
  3. You can bring the language into practice immediately because you focus on the skills, vocabulary, grammar and cultural aspects which are of relevance to you and your situation.
  4. You learn Spanish from language trainers who come from different parts of Spain and South America, therefore coming into contact with many different aspects of the culture.

Various forms of Spanish courses available

You can choose from:

You will discuss your learning aims, wishes and opportunities during your intake interview with an experienced language trainer. This then forms the basis for your Spanish course.

You would like to learn Spanish in a short period of time, and we would love to help you. Request a personal intake interview today.

Preparation programme: Spanish for beginners (‘Clase de preparación’)  

Language Institute Regina Coeli offers you the opportunity to participate in a preparatory programme prior to starting your personal Spanish language course. In this programme, you will be introduced both to the Spanish language and to the Regina Coeli Method. The programme consists of two hours of private lessons and one hour in the multimedia lab.  

In the two private lesson hours, you will study important areas of the Spanish language which may differ from your own. The Regina Coeli Method is very pragmatic and teaches you to apply the language immediately. In both lesson hours you will then directly use what you have learnt.   

In the third hour your trainer will bring you to the multimedia lab. There, you will become familiar with Regina Coeli’s multimedia programme. You will work independently on a series of exercises related to the lesson materials taught in the first two private lesson hours.

The basic knowledge acquired in the preparation programme will enable you to more easily acquire the many new structures of the Spanish language during the intensive training programme.

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