Portuguese Language Course

Would you like to learn Portuguese or learn Brazilian Portuguese quickly? Then follow a tailor-made Portuguese language course at Language Institute Regina Coeli. Whether you are planning to do business in Brazil or Africa, or travel regularly for professional or personal reasons to Portugal, you learn to communicate effectively in Portuguese at our language institute.

You can even choose between a Portuguese language course or a Brazilian Portuguese language course.

A Portuguese language trainer will take you
on a tour of Regina Coeli.

Tailor-made Portuguese language course

A team of trainers get straight to work teaching you how to communicate in Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese. Before your course begins, we create a programme which dovetails so well with your situation and goals that you can already survive in the language after just five days of training.

Individual programme

A Portuguese language course at Language Institute Regina Coeli is always individual. You receive private lessons from different trainers and your multimedia programme is also tailored to your needs.

Portuguese as a global language

Portugal’s colonial past led to Portuguese being spoken on three continents. In addition to the Portuguese themselves, Brazilians and many Africans speak the language. Being able to speak Portuguese is a big help in many parts of the world. 

Trade with Portuguese-speaking countries

Brazil and Africa’s rapidly growing economies have led to expanding trade with many countries. Knowing Portuguese definitely gives you an advantage over the competition!

Learn Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese differs from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal and Africa in a number of ways, so Regina Coeli has trainers from both Brazil and Portugal. This also exposes you to different accents.

Why should you choose a Portuguese course at Regina Coeli?

  • You want to learn Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese quickly and apply your newly-acquired knowledge immediately to your day-to-day practice.
  • Your Portuguese language course is finely tuned to your personal aims, wishes and level. With this tailor-made approach, you are assured of the most effective training possible.
  • You choose the form and intensity of your programme, together with your language trainer.
  • Our language trainers come from Portuguese-speaking countries and can give you helpful tips on their cultures.

Opportunities for Portuguese courses at Regina Coeli

During your intake interview, you and an experienced language trainer will determine how you can best reach your learning goals and what shape your Portuguese language course should take. The following options are possible, also in combination with each other:

Additionally, we offer in-company Portuguese training and we can compose a Portuguese language course for your family if you, your partner and children are soon leaving for Brazil, Portugal or a Portuguese-speaking African country. If you are interested, just request a non-binding proposal.

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