Italian Language Course

Are you interested in Italian courses? At Language Institute Regina Coeli, you learn the Italian language in a way which best suits you and your current abilities. The customised programme is fully tailored to your ambitions, skills and abilities. You can, of course, work on your business Italian with us as well.

Learn Italian language

An Italian language course at Regina Coeli is an individual programme which the trainers fine-tune to your goals, skills and preferences, both prior to and during the training. At Regina Coeli, you learn Italian efficiently and quickly.

An Italian language trainer will take you on a tour of Regina Coeli.

Individual programme

No one participant has the exact same training programme at Regina Coeli. Someone moving to Italy has different needs than someone who needs to stay in touch with Italian suppliers or give sales pitches in Italy. At your intake appointment, we look at what you would like to do and determine you current skills in Italian. On the basis of this information, we design a tailor-made Italian language course for you.

Italian is the key to opening doors in the Italian business world

Italy is an important trading partner for many countries. Italian is, among other things, the language of art, design, fashion and music. A solid foundation in Italian helps you foster and maintain deeper, more effective relationships with your Italian partners.

Business Italian

If you wish to learn Italian for business purposes, we will arrange a personal intake to discuss the situations you need the language in and what, specifically, you need to be able to do. Lawyers require different vocabulary and skills than sales managers, for example. We can also do role plays during your training so you can practice the skills you have been learning.

Personal attention

During your Italian course at Language Institute Regina Coeli, you have four lessons each day from Italians who guide you in learning the Italian language. One of them might explain the grammar to you in the morning, while in the afternoon you have a conversation lesson with another, for example. Because you spend so much time with the trainers, you get to better know the nature and culture of Italians and learn Italian in an effective way.

Options for Italian courses at Regina Coeli

At your personal intake interview, you will determine together with an experienced language trainer what your ideal Italian language course looks like. The following options are possible, also in combination with each other:

Moreover, you can learn Italian with a group of colleagues in Italian group training or in-company Italian training. Our language institute would also be happy to arrange Italian language training for your family if you, your partner and children are leaving shortly for Italy. If you are interested, just request a proposal.

Introduction programme: learn Italian language for beginners

Regina Coeli offers you the opportunity to follow a preparation programme prior to the intensive personal Italian courses. In this, you will become familiar with both the Italian language and the Regina Coeli Method. The programme consists of two hours of private lessons and one hour in the multimedia lab at our institute in Vught.   

In the first lesson hour, you will study two important aspects of Italian grammar, namely the conjugation of nouns (called ‘concordanza’) and the use of the verbs ‘essere’ (to be) and ‘avere’ (to have). Experience has taught us that beginners often struggle with mastering these subjects, and that extra time is therefore necessary to fully grasp them.  

The Regina Coeli Method is very pragmatic and teaches you to immediately apply the language you are learning. Based on the theme ‘fare conoscenza’ (to get acquainted with), in the second lesson hour you will put to use what you have learnt in the first hour’s grammar lesson. You will write a text with your trainer in which you use terms that are often part of your passive knowledge, but which as a beginner you do not yet know how to use actively.  

In the third and final hour, the trainer will bring you to the multimedia lab, so you can get used to working with Language Institute Regina Coeli’s multimedia programme. You will independently do a series of exercises related to the lesson materials from the first and second private lesson hours. After that and with assistance from My Regina Coeli – your personal web page – , you can do listening and speaking exercises to prepare for your upcoming intensive training programme

The basic knowledge gleaned in the introduction programme prepares you for acquiring the many structures of the Italian language more easily during your intensive language course.

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