German Language Course

You’ve come to the right place to learn German: a tailor-made German language course at Regina Coeli will have you speaking solid German in no time. A personal programme is created based on your current skills and what you would like to be able to do. Naturally, we can support you in improving your German for business purposes as well.

Learn German language

Each week, numerous professionals come to our institute in Vught for an individual German language course. Private lessons with your team of language trainers, multimedia exercises and other assignments will have you prepared for doing business in German in the shortest possible amount of time.

A German language trainer will take you
on a tour of Regina Coeli. 

German language training options

The options for composing a German language course at Language Institute Regina Coeli are nearly endless. Together we design a training programme which best suits you and solidly delivers on our promise of quality. We discuss what you would like to achieve and determine your skill levels at your personal intake appointment, which then helps us shape your tailor-made training programme.

Professional success

A solid command of the German language is essential to professional success in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Speaking professional business German will open doors for you and your organisation when doing business in one of these countries.

What would you like to be able to do?

Is your company going to participate in a trade show in Germany? We would love to prepare you and your sales team for a successful event! Have you just landed a new position where you will be managing German-speaking colleagues, or will you be delivering a number of crucial presentations in the near future? Regina Coeli’s trainers will practice with you so you can communicate confidently in German.

Get a leg up on the competition in the labour market

A mastery of the German language will give you a leg up on the competition in the labour market. Germany is an important trading partner for many countries, and many internationally-operating companies see having German-speaking colleagues as a distinct advantage, so make sure you can add it to your curriculum vitae!

Why choose a German language course at Regina Coeli?

  1. You will soon be speaking German thanks to our individual approach and your being able to  completely focus on learning the German language.
  2. You learn to communicate in German in a short period of time.
  3. Language Institute Regina Coeli does not follow a theoretical approach to the language: you apply German vocabulary and grammar immediately to your own professional situation.
  4. You appreciate working hard on your achieving your aims and enjoying the fruits of your labour.
  5. The motto of the German section is: ‘Deutsch macht Spass’. That has been confirmed time after time by our course members. Learning the German language is fun at Language Institute Regina Coeli!

Learn German in a way that suits you

Language Institute Regina Coeli custom designs all its German language courses. You could, for example, choose from:

How do you register for a German course?

Your learning aims, wishes and abilities form the starting point of your German language course. You discuss these, together with an experienced German language trainer, at your personal intake interview. At that time, you determine how a German language course can best be composed in order to reach your goals as quickly and thoroughly as possible.


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