French Language Course

You work with a team of native speakers from France, Wallonia and Africa when you come for a French course at Regina Coeli. They design a tailor-made French language course for and with you.

The best way to learn French is to communicate with people who were raised with the language and will correct you when necessary, which is why Language Institute Regina Coeli works exclusively with well-educated native speakers.

Our French language courses are intensive individual programmes, designed with the specific requirements of a course member in mind. If you are looking for high-quality French courses, then Language Institute Regina Coeli is the right choice for you!

A French language trainer will take you on a tour of Regina Coeli.

Composition of French training programme

The French courses at Language Institute Regina Coeli are composed of four private lessons per day, given by four different trainers, rounded out by multimedia exercises and independent study. The French trainers teach you what you need to know for your own situation, and an emphasis is placed on being able to immediately apply what you are learning.

Intensive individual training

Whatever your starting point may be, we advise an intensive individual training programme. This type of training, which takes place over five consecutive days, allows you to fully immerse yourself in the French language and allows for the best results.

Learning French is a solid investment

French is the official language in numerous countries and on various continents. Not only is it spoken in France and Wallonia, but also in large parts of Africa and Canada as well as in Central and South America. It is also essential for a career in Brussels.

Emphasis on communication

Is French difficult to learn? Not when it is explained in clear terms with straightforward grammar, and not focused on the many exceptions to the rules. That focus can come later, once you are able to carry on a good conversation in French. At Language Institute Regina Coeli, you learn how to communicate straight away in French for your specific needs.

What would you like to do in French?

Language Institute Regina Coeli designs a programme to meet your personal ambitions—you follow a fully customised programme with individual lessons. Would you like to have a conversation with French colleagues, negotiate with future business partners or perhaps go live in a French-speaking country? A French language course at Regina Coeli prepares you for this and more.

Advantages of a French course at Regina Coeli:

  1. You learn to communicate in French in a short period of time.
  2. You follow a French language course which is completely tailor-made for you. 
  3. The French language course is designed with your specific practical requirements in mind.
  4. Our French language trainers come from French speaking countries; in addition to the language, they also know and understand the French culture.
  5. A stay at our institute helps you focus that much more on learning French, leading to faster, better results.

Structure of French courses

No single French language course member follows the same programme at Regina Coeli, simply because each individual has a different learning aim, is employed in a different sector, and has a different level and learning style.

Your language training course can be moulded into the form of:

Booking a French course at Regina Coeli

Prior to booking a French course at our language institute, you will have a personal intake interview with one of our experienced French trainers. That conversation serves as the springboard for composing a French training programme specifically for you. After receiving our proposal, you decide definitively whether you would like to follow your custom-made programme at our institute.

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