English Language Course

If you want to increase your personal effectiveness when using English, come to Language Institute Regina Coeli. A team of native speakers deliver just the right programme to prepare you for your English-speaking business activities. A combination of private lessons, multimedia exercises and other assignments will have you well on your way to skilfully using the finer points of the language.

Personal course of English

Many of our participants already speak English quite well, but notice that they are less effective and communicate less confidently than in their native language. That’s when it can be extremely helpful to practice scenarios and receive feedback from native speakers. That kind of practice, of course, goes hand-in-hand with Language Institute Regina Coeli’s personalised, intensive individual English language courses.

An English language trainer will take you on a tour of Regina Coeli.

English trainers

The trainers employed by Language Institute Regina Coeli come from every corner of the English-speaking world, such as the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa and Australia. When we compose the team of your course of English, we not only bear in mind your profession, we try to provide insight into the many cultures found in the native English-speaking world.

International business

The English language is essential if you wish to do business internationally or work in an international team. You could find yourself working alongside native speakers, such as Britons and Americans, where your knowledge of the communication differences on the two sides of the Atlantic could be essential to your professional effectiveness. Are you aware of the differences in American and British English which transcend simple spelling rules or pronunciation?

Speaking English with other non-native speakers

You might equally come into contact with colleagues, suppliers or clients who speak English as a foreign language, just as you do. This comes with its own share of challenges. Does your message come across the way you intend it to? Are you able to ask questions to clarify things when you cannot fully understand what someone else is trying to say? If you have frequent contact with other non-native speakers, we can teach you during your English speaking course how to be more effective in your communication.

Develop your own communication style

You will need to develop your own communication style in English, which can differ from your preferred style in your native language. Your team of trainers will assist you in this process. Are you curious about how we can help and all the additional details? Arrange a personal intake appointment to discuss the possibilities. After the appointment, you will receive a non-binding proposal for your own tailor-made training programme for your English language course.

When to choose an English language course at Language Institute Regina Coeli? When:

  1. you wish to learn to speak, write, understand and read more effectively in a short period of time, whether you are a beginner or already speak English quite well. In an intensive, individual English language course, you work on all these skills, improving your level in all areas.
  2. you want to develop a specific skill area (such as presentations, meetings, negotiations or writing) in the English language. Depending on your starting level, you can improve these skills through one of our targeted, short programmes (see English language coaching). 
  3. you would like help when it comes to using business English in a concrete situation. For this, consider English language coaching. We would be pleased to help you in preparing for an important meeting or presentation, or provide you with tips on being more personally effective in English.
  4. you work in an international context and would like to follow a course of English with a group of your colleagues. Language Institute Regina Coeli delivers in-company courses in English.
  5. you wish to maintain your gains following an English language course at Language Institute Regina Coeli. We have developed the opportunity to continue training via online English training specially for our alumni.
  6. you and your family are soon departing to an English-speaking country and you would like your family to be well-prepared. We can compose an English speaking course for your family.  

Fully focused on learning the English language

You will receive lessons from a team of native speakers from any number of English-speaking countries—a team completely dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible results. That means that you should be prepared to fully focus on learning the English language. A stay at our institute makes this possible. We care for all your needs and while you are here, you get additional practice from chatting with other participants from around the world.

How does an English language course work at Language Institute Regina Coeli?

At Language Institute Regina Coeli our language trainers come from a broad spectrum of English-speaking countries. You will have a personal intake interview with one of them, and if our personalised approach suits you, we will be happy to send you a proposal for a tailor-made course of English. 

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