Dutch Language Course

Language Institute Regina Coeli is the place to learn Dutch quickly. Many expats in the Netherlands choose to learn Dutch as a foreign language at our institute; they come in order to learn to communicate in Dutch in a short period of time, to perfect their use of the language or to better understand the culture.

We offer individual Dutch language courses for both beginners and more experienced users of the language.

A Dutch language trainer will take you on a tour of the building.

Learn Dutch language with an individual programme

At Regina Coeli we compose a Dutch training programme specifically for you. The starting point for this is your intake appointment, which is when we design your tailor-made programme together. You receive lessons from three to four trainers, depending on your programme. Between the lessons you work on assignments such as individual multimedia exercises, writing assignments or preparing a short presentation.

DUO-loan for Integration Exam or Dutch as a Second Language State Exam preparation

Learn Dutch language for the compulsory integration process in the Netherlands? Language Institute Regina Coeli is an approved ‘Blik op Werk’ school. This means that you can borrow money from the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) to pay for education related to your preparation for the Integration Exam or the Dutch as a Second Language State Exam (NT2).

Language Institute Regina Coeli’s Dutch language training is mainly suitable for individuals with a solid level of education. This means we primarily support people in their preparations for the NT2 Exam. An NT2 diploma allows you to study or find a job in a professional field in the Netherlands. Would you rather take the Integration Exam? We can help you prepare for this as well.

Would you like to make use of a DUO loan for a Dutch language course at Language Institute Regina Coeli? Discuss your options with one of our colleagues in Client Services on +31 (0) 73 6848790.

When should you follow a Dutch language course at Regina Coeli?

  • Learn Dutch language quickly with a programme which is designed precisely to suit your needs. Guaranteed results!
  • If you have absolutely no or little knowledge of the Dutch language and would like to learn it correctly the first time; you can follow an individual beginner’s Dutch language training
  • If you have already made earlier attempts at learning Dutch but have seen little in the way of results so far.
  • If you can easily make yourself understood in Dutch and would like to take those skills to the next level.
  • If you wish to be able to objectively demonstrate your language skills with the Certificate of Dutch as a Foreign Language (Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal/CNaVT).
  • If you are well-educated; our method is particularly suited to those with a higher level of education.

Designing and planning Dutch language training 

If you are interested in learning Dutch as a foreign language at our institute in Vught, you will first have an intake interview with an experienced Dutch language trainer. Together, you will discuss how you can best learn Dutch and achieve your goals.

Your advice could consist of (a combination of) these training forms:

Additionally, we can offer the following alternatives to learn Dutch:

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