Chinese Language Course

If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese, Language Institute Regina Coeli is the most effective place to go for a Chinese language course. In addition to the language, we also pay attention to the culture so you are better prepared for that trip to China. We offer courses for both beginners and more experienced speakers of the language. Pinyin is used to teach the language.

Learn Chinese language

The five-day programme at Regina Coeli lays the foundation of the Chinese language. If you already have some experience in the language, your personal course will build upon it. The trainers pay a great deal of attention to the unique tones and sounds of Chinese and share a great deal about the Chinese culture.

Trainers from China and Taiwan

You are guided in your process by trainers from China and Taiwan. They teach you the language using pinyin, which is the fastest way to learn Mandarin Chinese because it supports you in learning correct pronunciation. You also learn the most common Chinese characters so you can recognise them in daily Chinese life.

Chinese for beginners

Is Chinese a completely new language to you? You build a great foundation by learning all the relevant subjects and grammar in our 5-day beginners’ course. Click below for more information about the beginners’ programme.

Advanced Chinese language course

If you already have the basics of Mandarin Chinese down pat and would like to take your skills a step further, we will sit down together in a personal intake appointment to design a programme for you. We will discuss what you would like to achieve and determine your current skill levels, and then put together a personalised training programme for you based on this information.

If you would like to learn Mandarin Chinese, Language Institute Regina Coeli is the natural choice because:

  • you learn Chinese in a quick, efficient and especially relevant manner.
  • you experience that learning Chinese is both possible and a wonderful adventure.
  • you learn the language as well as about the culture from one of our native-speaker trainers.
  • you can stay at our institute and therefore fully concentrate on learning the language. This accelerates the learning process. 

Chinese in a business context

In your Chinese language course, you will develop communication skills for working with the Chinese. This takes place and is given shape in a business context. While intensively practicing the tones and sounds, you simultaneously and rapidly build relevant vocabulary and communication skills. 

Learn Mandarin Chinese through our legendary method: the method of ‘the Nuns’

We offer Chinese language training based on our well-known method, the foundation of which was laid by ‘the Nuns’. At the very heart of this method are the private lessons given by various native-speaker Chinese language trainers, which are then seamlessly blended with multimedia exercises and independent study.
Read more about the Regina Coeli method.

Chinese characters and pinyin

We will devote time and attention to learning to read and write Chinese characters only after you have reached a particular level of speaking and understanding in the language. Until that time, you will learn Chinese using pinyin: the Roman alphabet with special accents to indicate tone.

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