What is ‘a week with the Nuns’?

Many people choose to follow an intensive language course at Regina Coeli from Monday to Friday. Many people call this spending ‘a week with the Nuns’.

  • ‘A week’ refers to a working week—students come to Vught to learn a language instead of going to work. Many stay overnight in our accommodation to be able to concentrate on learning the language as fully as possible.
  • ‘The Nuns’ refers to the founders of our language institute. Regina Coeli was founded by a monastic order.

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In line with the fact that working weeks are no longer necessarily made up of five eight-hour working days, our range of training options has changed. People who work part-time often choose not to come for a full week of training. They may come for fewer days or spread their training out over several weeks. This is possible because we design a personal timetable for each student; how long the training takes is largely up to you.

Our students also sometimes follow training in their leisure time. Spending ‘a weekend with the Nuns’ has become extremely popular! Weekends mean staying at Regina Coeli from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. The method remains the same—you have a personalised programme and take private lessons.

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