Which language is the best to learn for a flourishing career?

door Regina Coeli

More and more employers are looking for employees who speak Chinese. Job vacancy site Indeed recently concluded this based on research they carried out in August 2019. Indeed compared the required language skills listed in Dutch vacancies with those from the previous year and saw a skyrocketing rise in demand—nearly 70%—for knowledge of Chinese (Mandarin).

Increasing demand for Chinese and Dutch

Another striking fact is the 24% jump in job listings which specify knowledge of Dutch as a requirement. In addition to increasing demand for knowledge of Dutch and Chinese, employers are also more frequently in search of people who speak French, Italian, Portuguese or Japanese.

At least two languages

The most requested language in job vacancies is Dutch. German and English take second and third place respectively in the ranking of most sought-after language skills. Overall, the research concluded that the ability to speak at least two languages is required for many positions.

What language will help you earn more?

Swiss researcher François Grin has calculated that learning English is the most profitable for Europeans. You will enjoy the quickest return on investment for the effort you have to put into it. German and French are also excellent choices for Europeans, but he also calculated that knowledge of Chinese will soon see an increase in value in the labour market.

The rapid rise in demand for people who can speak Chinese was also noted by the Catholic University of Leuven, which carried out research into the situation in Belgium. Professor Luc Sels calls Chinese ‘the ultimate trump card for your salary and career’. If you master the language alongside having the right papers, you can earn 7.09% more, according to the Leuven study.

The best choice for you

Clearly, demand is rising for job candidates who can speak multiple languages, but what language is the best for you, personally, to learn? Do we all have to run out and learn Chinese? That depends. Let your choice depend on factors such as:

  • the countries the company you work for does business in.
  • the countries your company is situated in.
  • the most important export countries for your sector.
  • the country that is a front runner of your area of expertise.

Get started!

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