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Virtual reality is now part of the language training for more and more Regina Coeli students. VR glasses allow them to enter a virtual world while they continue to communicate with their trainer. Of the students who used VR in the past quarter, 75.9% were either satisfied or very satisfied with it.

At Regina Coeli, you can use VR for a range of things:

  • Imagine yourself abroad. See Montmartre in Paris, stand in the market square in Freiburg or visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Soak it all in while you practice all sorts of relevant situations with your trainer!
  • Work on a presentation with a big virtual audience, or have a conversation with a number of virtual conversation partners—perfect preparation for real life!
  • Set your grammar skills in motion as you tidy up a virtual room, all the while practising your target language to the fullest.
  • If your company has a 360° corporate film, you can use it as practice material and give your trainer a tour of your own company.

Mix of teaching methods

While VR is part of a much broader programme, students who have used virtual reality thought it fit well in their course. They found the variety of lesson components extremely valuable.

Most students at Regina Coeli have a blend of:

  • Private lessons with several trainers
  • Exercises in e-Regina to learn and repeat
  • Homework assignments to take what they have learned and apply it to their own daily practice
  • Group assignments and language tables to make talking in a group easier

The case for VR

According to students, working with VR helps with:

  1. The practical use of the language
  2. Speaking skills
  3. Practicing vocabulary
  4. Applying the grammar
  5. Building self-confidence

That being said, when asked which part of the training best prepares students for daily life, students are unanimous: the individual lessons with their trainers.

What students say about using virtual reality during their courses:

‘This was really the highlight of my stay. The language comes to life and “being” in the environment where you’ll actually be using it makes it incredibly real.’

‘Amazingly, you feel very free and start speaking!’

‘Virtual reality is good but cannot replace the face to face contact and the homework!’

Do you want to learn a language using VR?

Do you also want to improve your language skills using virtual reality? Then simply contact us to arrange a personal meeting with one of Regina Coeli’s language trainers.

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