Taking the plunge: Learn Dutch with Regina Coeli's part-time immersion program

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If you've ever contemplated learning Dutch efficiently, Regina Coeli, affectionately known as 'the Nuns of Vught,' might be the key to unlocking fluency. Renowned for its intensive language courses, Regina Coeli offers a full-immersion experience that significantly accelerates the language-learning process. The private lessons with native speakers, diverse learning materials, and an immersive environment characterize this renowned language institute.

While a full week of Dutch immersion can be a transformative experience, it's not always practical for everyone. Juggling work commitments, childcare responsibilities, or the sheer intensity of a week-long program may pose challenges. Recognizing this, an increasing number of Regina Coeli students are embracing the part-time variant of the intensive week, offering a more flexible approach without compromising on results.

Part-time, full results

Regina Coeli's part-time training program is designed to deliver the same impactful results as its intensive counterpart. The structure involves two training blocks from Wednesday to Friday, allowing participants to absorb the language and apply it in real-world situations during the break. This unique approach combines the benefits of intensive language learning with the opportunity to come up for air halfway through.

The structure of part-time training

Wednesday Morning Kickoff: Your training begins on Wednesday morning at Regina Coeli. Opting to stay at one of their hotels the night before ensures a well-rested start.

  • Daily lessons: Four lessons a day with native speakers focus on your learning objectives. Between sessions, you work on assignments and exercises tailored to your language goals in the language lab.
  • Mealtimes and practice: Sharing mealtimes with fellow students provides additional opportunities to practice the language. Engage with Dutch people during these times, as they are equally keen to practice and improve their language skills.
  • Language tables: Each training block includes a 'taaltafel,' a mealtime with a trainer dedicated to speaking Dutch. This immersive approach reinforces language skills in a relaxed setting.
  • Overnight stay: Staying overnight at Regina Coeli's hotels helps maintain the language learning bubble, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Wrap-up and socializing: On Friday afternoon, a wrap-up session with your mentor is followed by drinks with fellow students and trainers. This social aspect adds a dynamic and enjoyable dimension to your learning journey.
  • Continuation: In the next training block, you seamlessly pick up where you left off, building on the progress made during the first part.

Personalized language learning

Whether you choose the full or part-time training program is entirely up to your preferences and commitments. Regina Coeli also accommodates advanced learners with the option of a Language Weekend for those seeking to refine their language skills further.

Seeking guidance?

If you're eager to learn Dutch or enhance your existing skills, Regina Coeli welcomes you to explore their offerings. Whether you opt for a full or part-time program, the institute caters to your individual needs. For advanced learners, the option of a Language Weekend provides a unique opportunity to deepen your linguistic proficiency.

Embark on your language-learning journey with Regina Coeli, and experience the richness of Dutch culture and communication in a supportive and immersive environment.

Do you want to learn Dutch quickly and thoroughly?

You can rapidly improve your Dutch skills with us at Regina Coeli. Whether you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of Dutch, or already speak the language well and just want to be that much more persuasive, our team of trainers are happy to design a training programme for you which allows you to learn Dutch at your level, in a way that fits you and your needs. Learn more about Dutch language training.

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