Regina Coeli expands its offering with online training courses

3 September 2020
door Regina Coeli

Regina Coeli has added online language courses to its offering as of the 1st of September. Students can choose to have part—and in some cases, all—of their training take place in online lessons with a language trainer. The new training offering, which, in addition to the familiar ‘week with the nuns’, for example, also includes fully online conversation training, is the result of Regina Coeli’s experience providing online lessons during the corona crisis.

Online training

Students who turn to Regina Coeli to learn one of our ten languages* receive a personal training course. This can consist of lesson days in Vught, online lessons and lessons on location. Training courses that can take place entirely online include:

Advantages of learning online

‘The corona lockdown was a good learning experience for us,’ says Managing Director Harm Jan Bouwknegt. ‘We wanted to keep teaching no matter what, and then you have to work with what you’ve got. That’s how we discovered that a lot could also be done online—students can learn very well through online lessons with a language trainer, especially when they have achievable learning goals. And people find it an appealing way to learn. Naturally, it’s very easy to talk to a trainer on Skype. The demand for online training exceeded our expectations. Many people took advantage of the corona crisis to learn a language or boost their language skills.’

Vught still takes centre stage

Intensive training courses in Vught will remain centre stage, also with the new training offering. ‘For most people, this is the fastest and most sustainable way to learn a foreign language,’ according to Director of Studies Esther van Berkel.

‘People come to us because they want to learn to communicate in another language in a short time. We achieve this by offering a varied programme that includes personal guidance from native speakers and the opportunity for people from all over the world to practice with each other. This method is almost impossible to replicate online; however, online lessons are a great option if you need less intensive training, already know the language and want to keep practicing. The combination of a training course in Vught with online lessons is ideal!’

Learn a language in a corona proof environment

When the institute reopened its doors at the beginning of June, the building was filled with students, and it was nearly business-as-usual. In line with the relevant corona rules, protective screens have been mounted to the desks in the classrooms, for example, foot traffic moves in one direction, and there are extra-large tables so that dinners can continue as usual. Regina Coeli has no complaints about the demand for training in Vught: it still exceeds the number of students who can attend, according to the new rules.

Youths are a new target group

Secondary school students are a new target group for Regina Coeli. They, too, can take online lessons to learn to speak a language better. They can also spend a weekend at the institute in Vught as a boost for secondary school or to start preparing for an internationally oriented study, for example.

Regina Coeli does not provide traditional tutoring. ‘We really teach someone to use a language by speaking, listening and writing. If you learn to use the language in your own specific context, the rules automatically fall into place. This gives you greater self-confidence when you speak the language, which usually leads to higher grades at school. This has certainly been the case for the students who’ve taken language courses with us so far,’ according to Van Berkel.

* Regina Coeli offers training courses in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. 

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