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People often talk about going ‘to the Nuns’ for a week to learn a foreign language.  Some of our course members are therefore  somewhat surprised to learn at their intake that the nuns no longer give lessons in a cloister and that participants stay at a hotel rather than a convent. They don’t see sisters walking the halls in their habits, but lessons being given by ordinary people like you and I. Is that a bit of a disappointment? Not at all.

No cloister for Regina Coeli

Even back when the sisters were still giving lessons, the institute was no longer situated in a cloister. In contrast, our building is contemporary and has every modern convenience. At the same time, it radiates reflective peace, not only as a tribute to the sisters, but because a tranquil environment fosters learning.


No sisters as language trainers 

Our trainers come from every corner of the world, just as the sisters who gave lessons in the early days of our institute did. The trainers deliver lessons with a great deal of personal attention and discipline. Moreover, most of our current trainers have business experience in their country of origin. That’s a great advantage for the many businesspeople who regularly follow training at our institute.

But you can stay with us during your language course

We wanted to live up to the expectation that you can stay with us when studying a language at the institute. The reason for doing so is quite simple: if you stay at the institute you can more fully focus on learning a language, which positively impacts the learning process. Because we want you to be able to quickly achieve optimum results, we now give you the option to stay with us. 

A stay in an inspirational environment

Staying in an environment which supports and inspires you in your language learning process –day and night—makes learning a language easier than returning home every evening or going to a hotel. Staying with us lets you round off your day with a chat in German with a German person learning Dutch, or speaking Spanish with an English person working on his Spanish skills. You can practice with native speakers and people learning the same language you are. Formal and informal learning go hand in hand at Regina Coeli.

A chance to network

Each and every week, we have an international group of course members at Regina Coeli. They come from every sector and fulfil all kinds of roles in those sectors. That creates an abundance of opportunities for networking. Staying with us gives you more chances to network before and after the lesson day.  


Other advantages to staying with us include being able to return to your room during the lesson day and being able to make use of the institute’s facilities, such as the fitness centre and the spacious bar, during your stay.

Hard at work

At the moment we are hard at work on the new lodgings in one of our building’s wings. We are creating 46 modern, single en suite rooms with flat screen TVs. Two double rooms are being added as well. Additionally, part of the current course member restaurant is being refurbished and turned into a breakfast restaurant, and a bar for the evening hours will be placed in the centre of the building.  

If you are planning on taking a course in 2016, you can choose to stay at our institute. Just indicate your choice when you book your course.

Interested in following language training at Regina Coeli?

The Regina Coeli method ensures that you learn to speak a foreign language quickly and effectively. Our highly qualified trainers teach you the skills, vocabulary and grammar that you need for your specific situation so you can immediately start communicating in the language.

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