Regina Coeli and the 1.5 metre culture

18 June 2020
door Regina Coeli

Regina Coeli has been open again for course members since the beginning of June. Anyone who has ever been to our institute cannot help but notice how quiet it is now in the building, although there are course members and language trainers present. This is of course because of all the measures we have had to take with respect to the coronavirus. The 1.5 metre rule limits the number of course members we are able to welcome to our institute. However, this is certainly not a disadvantage as far as our course members are concerned!

Corona proof

In the weeks leading up to the re-opening, we were busy making the institute corona proof. We followed the protocols laid down by our branch organisation, NRTO, as well as the hospitality branch, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, and the organisation that represents the cleaning branch. As a result, there is now a one-way system almost everywhere in the building, the classrooms have been suitably adapted, the chefs and kitchen staff have altered the way in which they work, there are disinfection gels and cleaning materials present throughout the building, and the cleaners have increased the number of rounds they do on a daily basis.
Read the Regina Coeli protocol >

Each course member is allocated a classroom

Before corona struck, you, the course member, would go to the trainer’s classroom for lessons. Now you are allocated your own room and the trainer comes to you. The room is yours for the whole day and there is a Plexiglas screen between your side of the table and that of your trainer. However, depending on the weather, we also see lessons being given outside on the patio.

The all-important one-on-one interaction

“For me as a course member, it’s perfect,” says Ingeborg, who is doing a Russian course. She had already done a training course at Regina Coeli and is therefore well able to compare the present situation with the last time she was here. “In actual fact, it makes no difference. You come here for the one-on-one interaction with your language trainer. However, I do appreciate not having to change rooms constantly. It’s quieter at the institute but just as welcoming.”

Choices enough on the menu in the restaurant

Every course member has their own place at a table in the restaurant. The courses can be ordered à la carte via an App. At breakfast time, there is a different choice of warm meal every day, the lunch menu changes every day, and the dinner menu changes midweek. This has meant that the kitchen has had to get used to a completely different way of working, but the staff have fully embraced the new methods. “It demands a lot of preparation to be able to offer a menu with sufficient variation, but everything is going well in the kitchen and the course members are very happy. The dinner we serve is without doubt a feast to behold!” says Nick Reniers, Regina Coeli’s Food and Beverage Manager.

Would you like to learn a language in the peaceful environment of our institute?

If you are interested in doing a language training course in the coming months, don’t put off contacting us for too long, otherwise there may not be sufficient availability due to the limited number of course members. Of course, you can reserve a place for later this year if you wish, or request an online intake interview with a language trainer.

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