New Dutch courses on the High Tech Campus

15 January 2019
door Regina Coeli

Expats in and around Eindhoven who would like to improve their knowledge of Dutch will be able to take Dutch courses on the High Tech Campus in 2019. Language Institute Regina Coeli is delivering the small-group courses for three different skill levels.

Intensive courses for people with technical skills

Regina Coeli's courses are different to other Dutch courses:

  • They take place on the High Tech Campus at lunch and at the end of the afternoon. This makes it easy to combine with work.
  • The courses are more intensive than other group courses. The total duration of each course is three or five weeks. This intensity ensures better results.
  • The training courses are geared towards people with technical-analytical brains.

Highly rated by students

Regina Coeli has been delivering Dutch training courses on the High Tech Campus since 2017. With an average score of 8.9, these training courses are highly rated by the students who have taken them.

Which aspects of the training programmes come out on top?

  • The interaction between the trainers and the group (75% rate this as ‘excellent’)
  • The trainers’ expertise/skills (73% give this an ‘excellent’)
  • The variety in the curriculum and homework assignments (60% score this as ‘excellent’)

What students say about the training courses:

‘Excellent course with great focus on everyday, usable Dutch language.’

‘I really enjoyed the course; it was very different to other courses. It was a nice group and we had an excellent teacher.’

‘Great match between teachers & team, practical & logical teaching methods.’

Language training at Regina Coeli in Vught

You are most welcome to follow Dutch language training at our institute in Vught. During an intensive individual language training you learn Dutch on your level and in your specific context. Read more about our Dutch language courses.

Do you require more information? Please contact us!

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