Learning French the lighthearted way

26 March 2017
door Regina Coeli

French is a vibrant language that cannot be learned from books alone. In fact, the French you hear spoken every day can be very different from ‘bookish’ French. “You can learn a lot by just listening to what French people say”, Alexandra Sellin explains. She is one of the language trainers at Regina Coeli and she teaches course members to communicate in French.

“I really urge people to listen regularly to French cabaret artists. That way they’ll pick up the kind of French that is actually spoken in France but at the same time learn a lot about French culture”, according to Alexandra. “French cabaret differs from what we’re used to in the Netherlands. In France, we particularly enjoy a play on words or a twist on reality that leads to humorous or even farcical situations.”

Le Chat Noir (The Black Cat)

The word ‘cabaret’ comes originally from France. At the end of the nineteenth Century, Le Chat Noir opened its doors in the Montmartre neighbourhood of Paris and it was there that ‘literary’ or ‘artistic’ cabaret first started. To begin with, members of the group that had founded Le Chat Noir performed their own work on stage but later it developed into a dedicated cabaret theatre. After World War II, this form of entertainment became more and more popular in France.

Popular French cabaret artists

Here are the names of a few present day well-knownFrench cabaret artists: Anne Roumanoff, Florence Foresti, Gad Elmaleh, Omar et Fred, and Nicolas Canteloup

Try watching these films:

Private lessons from native French speakers

In order to be able to understand a speech given in French, it is of course necessary to have a good basic knowledge of the language. One of the most effective ways of learning French is to do a French course at Regina Coeli. The intensive training course includes four private lessons every day with language trainers who are all native French speakers. You’ll learn how to speak correct French straight away.


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