Learn Dutch quickly alongside your job

17 April 2019
door Regina Coeli

Would you like to learn Dutch so you can communicate more easily with people at the sports club, at your children’s school or just to chat with someone every now and then, but you can’t find the time? Then read on for some tips for success!

Tips for learning Dutch efficiently:

1. Focus on learning the language for short bursts of time

The easiest way to learn a foreign language is get into a flow. You can create that flow by learning intensively for a short period of time—for a few weeks alongside your job, for example. After that focused stretch, be sure to get loads of hands-on practice and plan another study sprint later on down the road. If you want to follow a Dutch course, choose one in which you have lessons several times a week so you can get into that flow.

2. Learn from others

It may be quite tempting to learn Dutch using an app, but communicating well is really something you learn from people. A Dutch person can explain exactly why what you said was a bit off the mark or how you could express yourself even better.

3. Tap into all your skills

If you’ve lived in the Netherlands for a number of years, you may have a good passive knowledge of Dutch at this point. You can understand written Dutch, know a few of the grammar rules and are able to follow the better part of conversations. But can you also apply all those rules and speak and write Dutch yourself? Tap into all your language skills to really learn to use the language!

4. Don’t be afraid to speak Dutch

In many places in the Netherlands, you don’t even need to speak Dutch. Nevertheless, there are also plenty of opportunities to get a bit of practice in. Don’t be afraid to speak the language; Dutch people think it's great when people learn their language and will be happy to help you.


Do you want to learn Dutch quickly and thoroughly?

You can rapidly improve your Dutch skills with us at Regina Coeli. Whether you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of Dutch, or already speak the language well and just want to be that much more persuasive, our team of trainers are happy to design a training programme for you which allows you to learn Dutch at your level, in a way that fits you and your needs. Learn more about Dutch language training.

Regina Coeli also provides language courses on the High Tech Campus. Learn more about the courses on the campus.

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