Language Weekends score high ratings

13 February 2019
door Regina Coeli

Last year, Regina Coeli started offering language training at weekends. In fact, they have been so popular that we will be open fourteen weekends in 2019. The range of languages you can study at weekends is almost the same as on working days: you can choose from Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Because capacity is lower at weekends at Regina Coeli, we recommend booking ahead of time.

A score of 9.4

People who took part in the Language Weekends in 2018 were incredibly enthusiastic about their experiences. They gave weekends an average score of 9.4—which is even a slightly higher score than the students who take individual language courses on working days at our language institute in Vught.

The strengths of the weekends, according to the participants, are:

  • The team of trainers
  • The extent to which personal learning objectives play a central role
  • The focus on learning a foreign language

These strengths are in line with the experiences of students who take courses on working days. The core of the weekend language training courses is therefore the same as Regina Coeli’s regular language training: students have a completely personal and individual programme which is based on their own learning objectives, and receive private lessons from native speakers. They stay at the language institute the whole weekend.

Full concentration on the language

English trainer Ann den Bieman has an explanation for why the Language Weekends have been so successful. “The setting at the weekend is different than during the week. All the students stay at the institute; you start together, finish together and it’s even quieter than on working days.
During the week, course members will sometimes say things like: ‘Sorry I’m a bit late to class—I had to take care of something for work’. They’re still a bit tied to their work. At weekends that’s less of an issue. I think this is also an important advantage. In this way, you can use the weekend to completely concentrate on learning and practicing the language.”

2019 weekend dates

The first three weekends of 2019 were fully booked in no time, but there are still eleven weekends in which you can take a course this year. Click on the language of your choice to see what is still available:

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