GoodHabitz and Regina Coeli team up

11 September 2018
door Regina Coeli

Students of Language Institute Regina Coeli, also known as “the Nuns of Vught”, will be able to do online training modules from e-learning specialist GoodHabitz during and after their language courses as of 1 September. A number of their online learning modules will be available in Regina Coeli’s e-learning system.

GoodHabitz develops a wide range of online training courses, including ones on communication and personal effectiveness. Some of these courses focus on skills Regina Coeli students want to learn in a foreign language, and because GoodHabitz operates in several countries, the training courses are available in several languages. A student who learns German at Regina Coeli can, for example, do an online module such as “Gekonnt überzeugen” or “Präsentieren”.

The exercises in Regina Coeli’s e-learning system have all been composed by the institute’s language trainers to be fully in line with the institute’s one-to-one teaching method. In relation to this, the GoodHabitz modules will be assessed beforehand so they can be used most effectively alongside Regina Coeli’s current exercises.

A language course at Regina Coeli includes alternating private lessons and independent study. This independent study time generally includes the use of e-Regina, the institute’s e-learning system. Here, students can practise a number of aspects of a language, such as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, both during and after their course.

Course on cultural diversity

Regina Coeli made a substantial contribution to the GoodHabitz training course on cultural diversity. This course, in which participants become familiar with cultural differences, is available to all GoodHabitz customers.

Online learning resources and private lessons can reinforce each other

GoodHabitz has been active in the online training market since 2011. Initially, the organisation focused mainly on the Dutch market. GoodHabitz also now has divisions in Belgium, Germany, England and France. For GoodHabitz, cooperating with Language Institute Regina Coeli serves as confirmation of the high quality of their programmes. Moreover, the collaboration shows that online learning resources and private lessons can reinforce each other when it comes to achieving optimal learning results.

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