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24 August 2017
door Regina Coeli

If you had six years of French lessons in secondary school and have not spoken French since, you will not be able to deliver an incredibly compelling speech out of nowhere in French. Language skills have to be practiced repeatedly and cannot just be learnt 1-2-3.

The same goes for when you take a course at Language Institute Regina Coeli, with one crucial difference: our students come to learn with a specific, practical goal in mind. The solid foundation they build with us helps them keep using the language and expanding their repertoire independently. So, what is the best way to keep learning after a course?

You added a lot of new skills and knowledge to your repertoire during your course at Regina Coeli. You can:

  1. use them regularly
  2. maintain them
  3. pick up more

Put your new skills and knowledge into practice 

Your Regina Coeli course helped you learn a foreign language for your specific needs. This means that you practiced using the language in situations like the ones you will be encountering in real life. As far as that goes, it should not be too big a step to put your language skills directly to use.

A few tips to make this easier:

  • Tell other about your resolve to use the language in specific situations.
  • Set goals: “This week, I am going to make three phone calls to suppliers/clients in the language.”
  • Explain to your colleagues that you might speak slowly or need time to find the right words.
  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes and do not hesitate to ask others how to say things when you cannot remember.

Maintain them

Language: use it or lose it! That is why it is so important to keep the language you spent so much time working on active.

Keep practicing using e-Regina. Every student has access to e-Regina for three months following his or her training.

Dive into the language in your leisure time: read a magazine or book, visit websites, listen to podcasts or the radio, watch TV or a film, or chat with native speakers.

Brush up with Regina Coeli. Come back for:

Pick up more

When it comes to languages, you can never learn too much. In fact, it takes years to become truly fluent. Most of the time that is not even necessary and it is enough to have sufficient communication skills, although it could be that you come across barriers or struggle a bit if you have to use the language in an entirely new context. Where should you start in those situations?

  • Determine what you would like to be able to do or need to improve, such as expanding your vocabulary, improving your speaking ability or negotiating better.
  • Research how you can get what you need, perhaps through online learning, native speakers in your environment or assistance from Regina Coeli.
  • Set sub goals for along the way and make a schedule for yourself.
  • Get to work and put your new skills into practice. Ask native speakers for feedback.

Interested in following language training at Regina Coeli?

The Regina Coeli method ensures that you learn to speak a foreign language quickly and effectively. Our highly qualified trainers teach you the skills, vocabulary and grammar that you need for your specific situation so you can immediately start communicating in the language.

Do you require more information? Please contact us!

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