Africa important growth market for Dutch companies

26 March 2017
door Regina Coeli

Africa is one of the most interesting growth markets in the world. Said Darkaoui, Director of Profix, a printing company in Heerhugowaard, agrees wholeheartedly. His company specialises in the printing of bonds and securities as well as other printing procedures for special mailings. They have recently expanded to the African continent in order to meet client needs there. Driving licenses for Nigeria and bonds and securities for a number of African banks are now being printed in the province of North Holland.

French most important language on the African continent

We first meet Said Darkaoui at Regina Coeli where he is doing an English course. “I would like to be able to communicate optimally with our African clients and once I’ve mastered English, I’m going to start learning French because that is actually the most important language on the African continent. At the moment, I’m letting my agents in the various African countries do most of the communicating, but I would like to be able to talk to my clients myself.”

"Morocco is the ideal springboard to the African market"

Profix is opening a location in Morocco very soon because the number of orders from Africa only seems to be increasing at the moment. It’s a dream come true for Said. He was born in Morocco and moved to the Netherlands when he was eight years old. However, he has always had a fascination for his native country. “Morocco is the ideal springboard to the African market. It’s a stable country with good infrastructure. It has the largest seaport in Africa and more airports than any other African country. By setting up a location in Morocco, we are geographically closer to our African clients. Our goal is to deliver the same quality as in the Netherlands. African businesses and governments like working with a Dutch company because they can be certain of high quality and good service. The plan is, therefore, to train our employees in Morocco to the same standards.”

Said very much enjoyed his week at Regina Coeli. “I’ve made good progress in the English language. Lots of Dutch people think that they speak good English, but if negotiating language is necessary, they often just don’t have enough knowledge. Now I’m going to go out and get lots of practice and after that I’ll be back for another week to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.”

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