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9 February 2021

Take a journey by reading a book

When you were in school, you probably frequently heard that reading books was good for your language development. No matter how much education has changed, schools still really promote reading, so an idea that has survived all these years must have some merit to it, you might say. In fact, reading books helps you develop your language skills even when you learn a foreign language as an adult.

1 March 2019

The language of Brazil’s carnival

Every year, Carnival explodes onto the scene in Brazil. It officially runs from Sunday to Tuesday, but a lot of partying also happens in the months leading up to Carnival, like at the so-called blocos, street parties in the different neighbourhoods. If you go to Brazil during Carnival, our word list may come in handy.

12 July 2018

Hoooked on Portugal

When Dutch entrepreneur Geesje Mosies taught herself Portuguese as a teenager, she could never have guessed that she would be using the language in the future when managing her Portuguese staff. Nor could she have predicted that she would unleash a knitting and crocheting rage when she learned to crochet out of curiosity in Brazil. This year, she decided to update her Portuguese knowledge at Language Institute Regina Coeli.

26 March 2017

Into the jungle, armed with Portuguese

One of the first organisations to send employees to Regina Coeli to learn Portuguese was Mammoet, the company that many people will have heard of in relation to the transport, assembly and removal of oversized objects. The red cranes and heavy transport equipment that belong to this originally Dutch concern are often seen in action on, for example, Discovery Channel when they report on huge projects that have involved Mammoet.

26 March 2017

The differences between Spanish and Portuguese

Despite the close relationship between Spanish and Portuguese, there are important differences. What are significant differences between Portuguese and Spanish?

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