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26 March 2017

What is the difference in Italian between ‘buono’ and ‘bene’?

People learning Italian sometimes use the words ‘buono’ and ‘bene’ incorrectly. They associate ‘buono’ with eating well and ‘bene’ with how good the food is. Unfortunately this doesn’t work in Italian.

26 March 2017

Are you on holiday or on vacation?

What a strange question! If I’m on holiday then I’m also on vacation. They mean the same after all. But as a result of the economic crisis,…

26 March 2017

Italian expressions - In vino veritas

Drinking good wine, within limits of course, is so much part of Italian culture that the language is peppered with sayings and expressions to do with wine. Here are five of them.

26 March 2017

In Italian, what does the prefix ‘s’ do to the word?

Adding an ‘s’ to the beginning of an Italian word often creates the opposite, often negative meaning of the word.

26 March 2017

Short refresher course in Italian

Earlier this year, Paul Luijten did a short training course at Regina Coeli to get his Italian back up to scratch. “Italians love it when you speak Italian with them but they won’t correct you. At Regina Coeli, they do!

26 March 2017

Italian ice cream

Italian ice cream dates back to the 16th Century, but the history of ice cream goes back even further. It originated in Asia Minor and then eventually came to the rest of Europe via Sicily and Rome. The Sicilians discovered ‘sorbetto’ (sorbet)

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