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21 February 2019

Learn German in your leisure time

If you want to improve your German or keep your current skills up to par, it is important to keep using the language. Perhaps you already speak a lot of German at work or in your social life, but if not, we have some tips for you to improve your German in your free time.

14 January 2019

This is the best vacation I have ever had!

Language Institute Regina Coeli is undoubtedly one of the most international places in the Netherlands. Not only do people from 20 countries work here, but the students who take our language courses also come from every corner of the world. One of those is Cat Dawson, a bubbly American go-getter who is currently studying in Spain and came to learn German in the Netherlands.

19 September 2018

The Netherlands—a hotspot for learning German

In any given week this summer, almost half of the students learning German were not Dutch and had seemingly no connection whatsoever to the Netherlands. So how did they end up at Regina Coeli for their foreign language training?

6 March 2018

Winner of the SME Export Award learned German with the Nuns of Vught

Hoenderdaal Fasteners from Veenendaal won the SME Export Award in 2017 with their Scandinavian export plan. And now the company, which is one of the leading players in the field of fasteners, has new plans: to conquer the German-speaking market. Director Bart Veldhuizen: "As a non-German producer, we’re already behind 1-0 in the German market. If my German isn’t up to par, we’ll soon be behind 2-0.”

7 February 2018

Mayor of Winterswijk learned professional German at Regina Coeli

The municipality of Winterswijk shares 60% of its border with Germany and, as a result, has intensive border traffic on a daily basis. No wonder speaking German is seen as important there. As mayor of such a bustling, international municipality, it is, of course, important to stay on top of things. Joris Bengevoord, who, for six months after his appointment, could boast of being the youngest mayor in the Netherlands, went to Vught for a week to brush up on his German.

22 March 2017

German is on the tip of your tongue

“Ein alter Affe auf einem Apfelbaum aß einen Apfel auf.“ This is a simple German sentence that many Dutch people have problems getting their tongues around. The reason is that German articulation is completely different to that of Dutch.

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