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10 April 2019

Qu'est-ce qu'on dit ? French slang

In very few places in France do you actually hear the French of school books. The French ‘swallow’ letters, connect words to each other and pepper what they say with all sorts of sounds to reinforce their message. And as if that were not complicated enough, slang has also played a substantial role in the expansion of the language.

10 April 2019

Learn Spanish for your holidays

Will you soon be going on holiday to a Spanish-speaking land? Part of the holiday fun is getting your Spanish up to par so you can communicate with the locals! You have got to admit that when you hear someone speaking Spanish, visions of sunny, welcoming destinations start springing to mind, don’t they?

1 March 2019

Alaaf! The language of Dutch Carnival

Seven weeks before Easter Sunday, Carnival starts in a large part of the Netherlands. Especially in the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Limburg, life is dominated by this feast for a few days, but Carnival is also celebrated in some places in the eastern part of the country. Carnival means ‘carne vale’: farewell meat. Carnival marks the beginning of a fasting period, although few Carnival-goers still honour that tradition...

1 March 2019

The language of Brazil’s carnival

Every year, Carnival explodes onto the scene in Brazil. It officially runs from Sunday to Tuesday, but a lot of partying also happens in the months leading up to Carnival, like at the so-called blocos, street parties in the different neighbourhoods. If you go to Brazil during Carnival, our word list may come in handy.

21 February 2019

Learn German in your leisure time

If you want to improve your German or keep your current skills up to par, it is important to keep using the language. Perhaps you already speak a lot of German at work or in your social life, but if not, we have some tips for you to improve your German in your free time.

21 February 2019

VR a valuable addition to Regina Coeli programme

Virtual reality is now part of the language training for more and more Regina Coeli students. VR glasses allow them to enter a virtual world while they continue to communicate with their trainer. Of the students who used VR in the past quarter, 75.9% were either satisfied or very satisfied with it.

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