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1 May 2017

Speaking with the right accent in the Port of Rotterdam

Expats and immigrants don’t always feel the need to learn Dutch. That wasn’t the case for Ahmed Kansouh. He realised that he would have to speak Dutch—and speak it well—as soon as he came to the Netherlands in order to reach his goals.

26 March 2017

Understanding the Dutch better by adopting their communication style

Finn Niina Pussinen made the radical switch to using Dutch for her job. “At first, speaking Dutch felt like running a 100m dash on one leg and with two hands tied behind my back."

26 March 2017

Tips for improving your Dutch pronounciation

Dutch pronunciation frequently poses challenges for non-native Dutch speakers. The challenges depend on your mother tongue. The language you grew up with actually impacts the way the muscles of your mouth work, as well as what feels right in terms of pronunciation. Pronunciation training is an integral aspect of any Dutch course at Language Institute Regina Coeli, and for good reason. But you can also continue working on your pronunciation afterwards!

26 March 2017

Playing with modal verbs

In Dutch as well as in other languages, the six help verbs (otherwise known as modal verbs) add something to the meaning of the main verb. For those who have grown up with the Dutch language, this is nothing new. However, it’s a different matter for people learning how to speak Dutch.

26 March 2017

The jump from social to business Dutch

Amsterdam is not the easiest place to learn Dutch. At the slightest sound of a foreign accent, a kind, sympathetic Dutch person immediately breaks into English! This has happened so many times to Sofia Derossi, an Italian, who has lived in Amsterdam for three years now.

26 March 2017

Does 'king' deserve a capital letter?

In Dutch, all job titles are written with a small letter whether you’re a salesmanager, a butcher, a builder or a king.

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