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26 March 2017


Mr B departs for Italy —where he will be working for an Italian company— with absolutely no knowledge of the language; he had no time for a language course. Moreover, he is convinced that most Italians are able to speak a bit of English nowadays, especially considering the emails peppered with English words which he regularly receives from Italy.

13 February 2017

A carnevale ogni scherzo vale

During Carnival every joke counts. That is the literal translation of the Italian saying ‘A Carnevale ogni scherzo vale’. It means that it’s allowed to play a fun practical joke on someone during the Carnival season. Every European country has its own Carnival traditions and, just as every Italian region has its own culinary speciality, so does it also celebrate Carnival in its own unique way!

13 July 2016

Doing business in italy? Not in august!

Do you have business contacts in Italy? Do you take into consideration the fact that government authorities and businesses are more or less closed for business as from 15 August?

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