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27 August 2018

Learn a foreign language with the Nuns using virtual reality

Learning a foreign language using virtual reality has recently become possible at Language Institute Regina Coeli, also known as ‘The Nuns of Vught’. Regina Coeli is the first language institute to make use of virtual reality (VR) in language training to develop students’ communication skills.

1 March 2018

The power of compliments during a language course

Receiving compliments—or, as we prefer to call it, positive feedback—helps tremendously when it comes to learning languages. Because an emphasis is placed on what you do well, your self-confidence grows, you speak more easily and you are more open to taking new material on board.

13 February 2018

Synonyms: A quick way to expand your vocabulary

Once you have mastered the grammar of a foreign language reasonably well, you can quickly improve your language skills by expanding your vocabulary. Grammar can be seen as the rules of the game for a language; the words get used within those rules. More vocabulary will make your language richer.

23 January 2018

Learning a language with a pen in hand

Why would you still use a pen and paper to make notes or write text? Nowadays, you can use the most advanced apps and programs to take notes, edit text, share documents—you name it—on a smartphone, tablet or computer. At Language Institute Regina Coeli, we are also naturally at home in the digital world, and e-learning is a part of every language course. And yet it pays to regularly write the old-fashioned way. We even encourage it in our language courses!

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